The Secret To Increasing Your Mobility Exposed

It’s safe to say that most men complain of feeling tight, especially in their hamstrings. However it’s more interesting at the number of women that come in who also complain of similar “problems”

Is chronic hamstring tightness the new epidemic of society?

Absolutely not, but you may be thinking to yourself, “I have tight hamstrings, I stretch every day and can never seem to gain any flexibility”.

If that’s you, you’re not alone. In fact most people who complain of being “tight” often stretch frequently but see lackluster results.

How can that be?

Something clearly isn’t being working if you’re making an effort to change everyday and yet see nothing in return.

Today I’m going to breakdown why you likely aren’t seeing any gains in your mobility and why most of you have another problem entirely.

Practice each of the tips listed today frequently and in weeks you’ll see notable increases in your flexibility and athletic ability as well. Continue reading…

Your Time-Cramped Workout Routine; Density Training

Getting work done in a short amount of time is nothing new. From time to time your boss probably throws deadlines at you and expects them to be met accurately in a timely manner.

When you’re faced head-to-head with time constraints there’s no room for dilly-dallying, just good ol’ fashioned hard work.

It takes focus.

Cell phones likely go off and your Facebook feed likely gets closed out.

In fact it’s not uncommon for such circumstances to bring out the very best work in people.  Both the quality and quantity of work you can accomplish when you have a short amount of time to produce it is actually amazing.

It’s for this reason that after reading this article, your new time-cramped workout style will work so well… Continue reading…

Intermittent Fasting: My 7-Day Trial, Your Fitness Solution

Have you ever been told skipping breakfast is the worst thing you can do for your health? Well if so, today’s newsletter will certainly challenge that notion! I’m currently reading a book called “Engineering The Alpha”. A book, that while geared toward men, has a great deal of useful fitness and nutrition information for anyone […]

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Tone-up Your Arms For Summer!

For some of you it might be hard to imagine that today is actually the first day of spring. Out here in LA the sun is shining and well, it feels more like summer as of late. However no matter where you are, spring means summer is just around the bend and that means tank […]

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How To Master The Push-Up

When it comes to fitness, there are literally hundreds of different exercises to choose from. How do you know which it best? I’m sure you’ve seen people balancing on stability balls while preforming a bicep curl, or attempting to squat on a Bosu Ball with a barbell on their back. The question I have is […]

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5 Tips To Rid Yourself From Back Pain

What’s needed to effectively induce a change in someone’s body? Is it the “perfect” exercise, advice from a world-class trainer, or some magic pill? Actually, none of the above. Whether you’re looking to change your body, your mindset, or both, change requires you to do things differently. While I can’t remember the exact quote, or […]

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Is Your Warm-Up Doing Its Job?

When you think of a warm-up what goes through your mind? Sitting on a bike, jogging on a treadmill, using a foam roller, or maybe swinging a kettlebell? The fact of the matter is there are a variety of ways to warm-up for a workout, but how do you actually know what a “good” warm-up […]

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Trying To Lose Weight

Weight loss is tough; in fact it can be a daunting task. Between T.V. commercials, magazine articles, and your friends and co-workers telling you what to do, how are you supposed to know what does and doesn’t work? To help strengthen your weight loss efforts I’m sharing with you today 10 things you shouldn’t do […]

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#1 Area You Need To Strengthen To Be Fit, 4 Ways To Train It

I train a wide range of clientele. I’ve also had the unique opportunity to be able to not only learn from the highest-level professionals in the fitness industry but also work with some of the highest-level athletes as well. The differences between an elite athlete and your typical general population client are clear; your athlete […]

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8 Exercises To Help Keep You Young

No matter what my client’s goals are, when I’m working with them my number one goal is to prevent injury. Injury prevention has increasingly become more of a focus in strength programs in the form of “prehab”. In other words exercises you do that prevent you from needing to rehab from a future injury. You […]

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